Sunday, February 22, 2009

Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

I enjoyed Randy's theory on the Brick walls. We all have so many "brick walls" in our lives that we have to learn how to overcome them. Whatever way we choose to overcome these walls defines our character. Pausch says that these walls are there to make you find out how bad you want whatever it is. This is very true. We sometimes take things for granted that we do not have to work for, but these walls make us realize just how bad we want some thing. When we have to work for something, we never take it for granted.
One of my favorite parts of the lecture was his comment about Moses. He said that like Moses he would only see the Promise Land, not set foot in it, but that was OK because at least he would get to see it. He was talking about the legacy he was leaving in all the students he had taught and all the programs he had started and built.
One part that made the lecture personal was when he brought out a cake for his wife's birthday. This was part of his thinking of others and not hisself. In the midst of a lecture, cancer, and chemo he was still thinking of ways to make his wife smile. Another way that made the lecture so personal was when he asked if we had figured out that this lecture wasn't for us after all. It was really for his three children. This put a whole different level of emotion in the lecture for me.

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