Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blogs used in the classrooms part 2

The second website I found which deals with classrooms using blogs is a college classroom where the doctor has chosen to use blogging to reach her students. Dr. Blackmon says that she uses blogs because "students get the opportunity to write about the texts that we read and to see and respond to what others in the class are writing". She has links to other classes of the same subject and also several links to various helpful sites. The blog can be accessed by clicking here: Dr. B's Blog

As I researched blogs used in the classrooms, I also found blogs that were used in schools outside of the United States. The first international school blog that I found was created for the Traill International School. The blog is a place for students and teachers to share their work and achievements. This blog has useful websites listed, photos from the classroom, and archives to look through for past information. To visit this blog, please visit the following link: The All New Traill Blog Campus Site

The second international classroom blog I found was for the International School of Bangkok. This blog has several different locations within the site which discuss everything from the schools mission statement to class times and alumni information. I believe that this blog does a very good job at creating an easy way to learn about the school itself. To visit this site, please click the following link:
ISB site

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