Monday, February 9, 2009


The first podcast I explored was EdTechtalk #92. This was very easy to lisen to because the podcast was right on the page for easy listening. I liked this one because it was very upbeat and sounded like a radio talkshow. The hosts had a special guest named Liz Davis who was a head person in an independent school. The hosts asked her about her self and what accomplishes her school has made over the years. I really enjoyed listening to this podcast.

The next podcast I explored was This Week In Photograpy. I loved this one! It was very visual and supplied pictures and a step by step process that was easy to follow. The basic principle was to learn how to brighten up pictures by using Photoshop. I liked listening to this one because mom loves photography and taking her own pictures, so I was able to show her what I learned from this podcast.

The final podcast I listened to was SmartBoard Lessons Podcast. This was not that interesting to me. It was in a conversation manner between two people. I guess i was not interested in the subject but if I was, they did a good job explaining smart boards.

Throughout this assignment, I was enlightened by each podcast. I feel that podcasts are a great way to provide information on a particular topic and should be used more often.

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