Friday, May 1, 2009

My EDM 310 Blog Assignments are Now Complete

I have enjoyed taking this class with all of you. At times we all had to help each other out and with that we all became friends. I wish you all good blessings as you go into your future and I hope we will still see each other passing by.
Thank you for making my time in this class enjoyable!!

My EDM 310 Experience

I would first like to start this post by saying that I truly enjoyed my time and experience in my EDM 310 class. At times I found some material less important than others, but I realize now that I did learn a great amount about technology in the classroom. Having stated that I did learn a great amount, I would like to only pick out my favorites that appealed to me to discuss in this blog.
The first thing that I learned about was google and the ammenities that it offers. For a while, I only used google as a search engine. Now, I use its documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and how to share all of these with others. Google is so convenient and can be accessed by anyone and it truly is a great way to communicate with students. Google Earth is also easily available and shows a real view of any where in the world. This site is very interesting and entertaining and will be something educational to use in the classroom.
Another topic that I enjoyed were blogs. When we first started using blogs, I really didnt agree with the whole idea and thought the assignment was pointless. However, now, I can not express how much I have learned about how beneficial blogs are for teachers. When my future students need to get in touch with me after school hours or feel they may have missed something in class, they can just go onto my blog and look up their answers or contact me for any other answers. This is something that I definately plan on using in my future classrooms.
Last but not least, I learned about podcasts in our EDM 310 class. These podcasts were very enlightening and I would love to find ones on the subject I teach to let my students listen to. Also, doing these podcasts was not only fun but educational. I really enjoyed everything about them.
I would have liked to learn more about different programs (if there are any) that are available to teachers in general and to specific subjects. But, I understand that this may be a little more difficult than said. Overall I anjoyed this class and I feel I will walk away having learned alot.