Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fall '08 Podcast Review

The first podcast I listened to was "Blogging and Teaching". It was a good podcast, but there were some areas that I would suggest imporvements on. The first problem I noticed was that the word "um" was used too often. I view this word as a filler in conversations, and when a conversation should be organized and planned, there should be no need for filler words such as "um". I feel a way to keep this word from being used is to practice the dialogue more often. The use of this word made the podcast feel unprofessional. The second issue I noticed was that the females seemed to do more of the talking. As natural as this sounds, the females should have asked the male more questions to get him more involved in the conversation.

The second podcast I listened to was "How Technology is used in the Classes at South Alabama". The main issue that should have been corrected was the lack of conversation. In my opinion, in order for the podcast to be entertaining, it should hold a conversation where all of them members are involved.

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