Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

The video we watched was on Sir Ken Robinson's lecture on a person's passion and how finding that passion greatly changes their life. There were several parts of this lecture that I really enjoyed and I felt that they really spoke the truth about a person's capability to find their passion.
Sir Ken stated that most adults have no idea on what they are capable of. I find this statement is so true. I feel that most people have a tendency to settle for what is put in front of them and do not push themselves to go beyond what they feel they can do. Sir Ken went on to say that people do their best when they do something they love. He says they do this because this love creates a natural capacity for what they love and they love it, which makes them happy when they do it. I find this statement even more true than the others. When we love something, or have a passion for it, we do that task with great joy and precision. We take pride in what we do which leads to accuracy.
Another statement that Sir Ken made, was that we should encourage talent, and the talent will bring forth opportunities. He made this statement because he said that people push so hard for opportunities that they often overlook the talent. To further this point, he went on to say that a lot of times, education is partly responsible for diverting children away from their passion/talents. This is because education as a whole has pushed opportunities and not talents.
Sir Ken said that one reason that most adults do not know what their passion is would be because they haven't come upon their talent yet. In other words, they haven't found it yet. One problem that Sir Ken discussed was that education has been depersonalized and has been treating the mixture and not the child. He goes on to say that education should encourage personal growth, human flourishing, and culture.
I strongly agree with the statements that Sir Ken Robinson made and I do believe that finding your passion truly does change everything.

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