Wednesday, April 15, 2009

BLOGS~Pros and Cons

After readind Jessica Prestage's blog, I realized that we had some of the same experiences with this whole "blog project". At first, I did feel that this blog would be time consuming and difficult to do. However, as I go through the last few blogs left for this semester, I have realized what a useful resource a blog can be. With that being said, I would not use blogging for a personal use, but it is a great resource for the education feild.
One of the pros of blogging (in education) is that a teacher can keep the class up to date with everything that is going on in the classroom. If a student misses a day of class, all he/she has to do is look on the blog and see what was discussed in class that day.
Another Pro of blogging is that it gives the students one more way to get in touch with their teacher with any question they might have on the class topics. I have been a student for a long time now, and any resource I can use to better connect with my teacher has been a huge help.
One of my only cons to blogging is that it is not mandatory. In other words, a teacher can require students to use it, but that doesnt mean anything. Students must actually use the blog in order for it to help them.

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