Thursday, January 29, 2009


Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators and Students Statewide, otherwise known as ACCESS, is a state wide learning program that allows schools to connect with other schools and help each other with various levels of educative courses. ACCESS offers advances level courses and electives that may or may not be available to certain schools. The program offers web bases courses and video conferencing courses that allow student to participate with other educational programs and experience education in a more diverse way.

ACCESS offers a variety of options for schools that participate in this program. Some of these options include advanced diplomas, additional courses, advanced placement and supplemental resources. These courses are taught at school during a regular school day and are provided free to Alabama public schools.

As I watched the "Shift Happens" movie on the fischbowl blogspot, I could not help but to wonder what the same presentation would look like today in 2009. The movie was made in 2006 and stated many facts about education and its future.

The fisch bowl education movie stated what countries were doing to develop students who are prepared for education. It stated that we currently are creating degrees for jobs that do not exist yet to solve problems that have not occurred yet. The movie went on to discuss the way technology has developed over the years and how mankind cannot begin to predict the limitless future for technology.

This movie was a real eye opener that expanded my thoughts on not only technology, but education as well.

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